Danique Motzheim,
The Dutch CEO of Luxury Beauty Global Inc.

Founder of the BYOU app.
Driven by impact and technology.

A dreamer & believer,
Storyteller by nature
& soon Global Thought Leader in Technology by CBS News

6 years ago before I became an entrepreneur, I went to Ghana as volunteer to create a better future for the young mothers who lived on the dangerous street of Accra.
My mission was to motivate them to get a better future.
To education them and providing them the chance to get a better job in Beauty, Fashion or cooking.

I learned how the organization I worked with, creates jobs for the young moms.
I saw how they treat people with love and how the young moms can have the freedom they want for their future.
It inspired me.
But it also made me think about how we can do better?
How can we keep them safe when they finished here?
What about their data?
What about technology we can use to help them further?

I still remember what I thought when I left the country.
" One day, I will come back and I will do better."

6 years later, I created The BYOU app ( Luxury Beauty before).
Inspired by the impact we can create to give love and freedom is this world.
Not only in Ghana, but for people from all over the world!

Beauty Technology goes beyond our imagination.
It gives us safety without noticing we are saved.
It gives us the freedom in what we love to do the most
& most of all it gives us to love & joy.

Let's have a cup of coffee together and have a conversation about what YOU inspire, and why you do what you do.

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